Flood Insurance Claims

When disaster strikes, the last thing you want to worry about it negotiating your insurance claim with your insurance company. That’s where Guardian Public Adjusting can help. With our highly trained team of claim handlers, we can document, estimate, and negotiate the flood insurance claim on your behalf.

Water is one of the most destructive forces on earth. Unfortunately, flood waters don’t only penetrate the portions of your home that you see, it also seeps into the walls, under flooring, and can wick into your insulation; not to mention the airborne pathogens that may be present. Whether you are filing an insurance claim with your insurance company or FEMA, documentation is always key. Our public adjusters provide the insurance company with photo documentation and notes to portray the overall picture as well as the details of the loss for each property. Once you begin tearing out damaged materials, it makes it harder for the insurance company to understand the extent of the damages that were originally present. Having Guardian Public Adjusting involved from the start will ensure there is an adequate report to portray the issues at hand. Additionally, Guardian Public Adjusting is tasked with thoroughly estimating the cost to remove and replace the damaged components of the structure per your policy coverages. We use the insurance industry’s standard estimating software to ensure the insurance company can compare each item on an apple-to-apple basis. We would love the opportunity to ensure your flood claim gets going in the right direction from the very beginning.