How we handle claims

  1. Reach out for assistance

Contact Guardian Public Adjusting and arrange a free consultation that includes a damage inspection and policy review. 

During our visit, will need to review all insurance documents, including the homeowner policy, and if this is an ongoing claim, we will need all correspondents pertaining to the claim. 

  1. Contract

After the initial meeting, if we feel that our services will benefit and add value to your claim, we will present you with our contract. The contract allows Guardian Public Adjusting to legally assist the insured and represent you in the claim. 

  1. File a Claim

If the claim has not been filed, we can file the claim for you and make the initial contact with the insurance adjuster.  If a claim has been filed, we will notify the carrier that are representing you in the claim process. 

  1. Investigation period

Guardian Public Adjusting will investigate the claim to thoroughly investigate the damages covered under your insurance policy.  This investigation could include but is not limited to: detailed photographs of the exterior and interior, aerial imagery, 3D scans of the interior, recording measurements and documenting facts.

If the claim involves interior damage, our first step is usually to scan each room to create a virtual walk-through of the home. 

If the loss involves water intrusion, moisture meters and/or thermal imaging may be used to see how far the damage goes. For some losses, the need for other professional opinions or evaluations are necessary.  We will work with you to bring these specialized professionals in to ensure all damages are identified. 

  1. Carrier Correspondence

A thorough damage assessment and the required forms will be sent to the insurance carrier. The insurance carrier will also send out their field adjuster, or an independent adjuster, to assess the claim on their behalf. Guardian will meet with the insurance company’s adjuster onsite. These site visits are a crucial step in the claim process so the details of the damages can be communicated properly. 

  1. Negotiation

Negotiations can take a few days to months depending on the extent of damage and how efficient the insurance provider is.  Our company works diligently to ensure a comprehensive and swift resolution is achieved while keeping you informed of the progress made along the way. 

  1. Settlement

When the insurance company and you, the insured, come to agreement on a settlement amount, a check is issued to you and your public adjuster to make the necessary restorations. In some cases, when an agreement cannot be resolved adequately, alternative dispute processes may be utilized.