Plumbing Pipe Break

In the unfortunate event of a pipe break, water leak, or sewage backup, water can seep throughout your home or business and can cause extensive collateral damage. Often times, these damages are in areas of the building (i.e. between walls, in insulation, under the flooring) that are not easily seen. Sometimes these issues are only discovered after a professional is hired to remediate the situation. When maneuvering an insurance claim, it is always a good idea to have someone who is advocating for you, the policyholder, to ensure everything that is damaged is replaced or repaired to a pre-loss condition. By hiring Guardian Public Adjusting, we can review your policy and determine whether the insurance company is responsible to cover the damage and repair. With a former contractor on staff, our seasoned staff can provide the insurance company with a comprehensive estimate of the damages. When you hire us, we can take the burden of negotiating with your insurance company from you and do all the leg work required to get the settlement you are entitled to. 

Steps to take as a policyholder

As a policyholder, there are certain responsibilities your policy requires of you after a loss. These requirements could include things like notifying the insurance company, preventing further damage by turning off the water supply, and identifying damaged personal property. These duties are laid out in your insurance policy and are titled similarly to “Your Duties After Loss”. If you need help determining what your policy requires of you, our team would be glad to perform a free policy review and explain what is required. 

What happens if my insurance settlement did not cover the expenses?

If you have already made a claim, due to a plumbing leak or pipe break, and were not adequately paid according to your policy coverages, Guardian Public Adjusting can assist you with a supplemental insurance claim. The supplemental claims process is very similar to us handling a new claim. We will look at what your insurance company has already agreed to paid for, if anything, and evaluate whether additional restoration is needed to guarantee your home is back a to pre-loss condition.


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