Whether it be a cold front or warm front, these weather events can cause sudden temperature changes, heavy rain, lightening, hail, gusty winds, and sometimes tornados. Most standard homeowners policies provide coverage for these perils.   Occasionally, insurance adjusters can misrepresent, or disregard, policy coverages and a claim may get underpaid or denied all together. Our team of professional Public Adjusters can review your policy and the damages to determine whether you have a covered loss before you make an insurance claim. If you believe you have a covered loss that was underpaid or denied, we can review the damage and insurance policy to determine if you received an adequate settlement. Our team is experienced in inspecting roof coverings and dwellings to accurately identify the different types of storm damage that may occur after severe weather. We would love to take the responsibility of handling the insurance claim off your shoulders so you can return to your day-to-day activities.

After a loss

Though it may seem you have taken every precaution to prevent damage to your home before a storm, there will inevitably be times when damage still occurs, whether it is a fallen tree, siding damage, wind compromised shingles, or numerous other unforeseen issues. If your home or business is affected, the first step, once you are safely about to do so, is inspect the damage. Document, through pictures, the exterior and interior of your home. Additionally, you should try to prevent further damage from occurring to your best abilities. This may include tarping to ensure there is no additional harm is done. Finally, give your insurance company prompt notice of the loss. There are statue of limitations in place for making an insurance claim for property damages therefore reporting a claim in a timely manner is important. If you need help assessing your damage or understanding what your policy coverages are, please contact us for your free consultation. Let us be your advocate.